Quinta dos Pesos Carcavelos 1990

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The world is full of hidden wine gems, and we’ve got a special one for you this week. Ever heard of Cacavelos? Yeah, it’s not something you see (or even hear about!) with much frequency. Carcavelos is the smallest wine appellation of Portugal that lies west of Lisbon, and is now known far more for its beaches and surfing than for its wine. It consists of only 25 hectares of vineyards and is one of four classic Portuguese fortified wines (or Vinhos Generosos), the others being Port, Madeira, and Moscatel de Setubal. It is traditionally made from a blend of both red and white grapes, and can be done in either a dry or a sweeter style, although it commonly is made to be about the same sweetness level as Boal Madeira. This is a wine that can live forever, with tons of character and oxidation from extended barrel aging, which typically ranges from 5-20 years. This particular bottling by Quinta dos Pesos, is especially noteworthy because winemaking operations from this producer ceased in 2005, due to the untimely death of winemaker Manoel de Boullosa. To add context, the only producer in Carcavelos still operating is the publicly owned Villa Oeiras, the only such winery in Portugal. The wines that had already been made by Mr. Boullosa were allowed to continue to sit in barrel and continue aging until 2018, when they were tasted, selected, and blended. It was released in very limited quantities and is most likely something that isn’t going to cross your path again anytime soon. Treat this fantastic wine the same way you would a Port or a Madeira. You technically can drink this bottle over a period of six months after it’s been opened, but my guess is after tasting it, it’s more likely to last for six hours than six months. 

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