Arpepe Sassella Stella Retica Riserva 2012

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Barolo meets Burgundy in the Italian Alps

Nestled in a long, narrow valley flush against the Swiss border, you will find an extraordinary wine making region that, despite incredible quality, remains one of Italy's most overlooked. Valtellina, with its terraced vineyards evoking the crazy steep, craggy slopes of France's Côte-Rôtie, is located high in the Italian Alps to the north of Milan. For over 150 years, the noble Perego family has been widely recognized as the region's leaders in quality and innovation, not only setting the standard for wines in their small area of Lombardia but serving as a benchmark for ethereally styled Nebbiolo for Italy as a whole. Ar.Pe.Pe. is undeniably one of the last bastions of perfumed, elegant, & cellarworthy Nebbiolo that remains reasonably priced.

Named for the star-shaped 'edelweiss' flowers that grow high on the cold, alpine slopes, "Stella Retica" is the winery's most lauded 'village' bottling. Aged for 2 years in large chestnut and acacia barrels. This is the perfect introduction to high quality Valtellina Nebbiolo and easily the region's best value. The 2012 vintage is generous and supple. I love this vintage for its generosity and ease of drinking at such a young age.

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