BK Wines One Ball Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2014

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Since its founding in 2007, BK Wines has been a defiant leader in dispelling the 'bigger is better' notion we find in so many Australian wines. They craft tiny lots of single vineyard Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from subzones of the Adelaide Hills in Australia. This cooler vineyard region allows for slower maturation and the retention of fresher acidity than most of the rest of Australia. The One Ball Chardonnay is an antique of the past. This vineyard has unfortunately been pulled up after the 2019 vintage, but this crisp, classically styled Burgundian Chardonnay is out-freaking-standing for this price. It's held up perfectly with this age, and is a testament to the quality of these wines. Very crisp acidity, flinty intense minerality usually found in Burgundy, and just a kiss of French barrique. This is proof of concept for Australian Chardonnay in a Burgundian style. The Skin n' Bones Pinot Noir sees a long 30-day maceration and whole cluster fermentation. There is so much detail in this Pinot Noir '“ layer upon layer of classic, Burgundian Pinot Noir aromas which are very much like the middle of the mulch pile where life is earthy, deep, humic, sweet, savory, spicy, lavender, aniseed-y. There truly is a scent for everyone. Refreshing, finessed and elegant on the palate with negroni bitter notes.

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