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2016 Quintodecimo "Vigna Grande Cerzito" Taurasi Riserva

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Let us just begin by saying these are frighteningly good wines. Frightening to the extent that these wines represent a tier of quality that breaks a glass ceiling for Campania's whites. The region's whites have rarely eclipsed even $30 retail, and they've rarely deserved it. An occasional Fiano or Greco impressed with some textural glossiness, but these were mainly whites meant to sip on a patio eating seafood in Naples. Even for someone absolutely entrenched in Italian wine, Quintodecimo is not well known as they haven't had extensive US distribution. I first came across them at A16, a Campania-focused restaurant in San Francisco, and have been purchasing them anytime I see them on a restaurant list or online auction for the last decade. These wines are the product of decades of research by Italian enologist and professor, Luigi Moio, who earned a Ph.D. for his work on the chemistry of wine and food aromas and flavors. In 2004, he returned from Burgundy to Campania and purchased a small estate, slowly expanding vineyard holdings using a scientific approach to find the best locations and exposures for each of Campania's native grape varieties. The wines are contemporary and polished with some use of new barrique, but embrace sustainability and natural aesthetics, using native yeasts and only organic viticulture. They are a true masterclass in Campanian varietal character, and their sheer weightless intensity is gravity-defying and establishes a new expectation for what we understand is possible for these grapes. In short, these are pure drama in the glass. 

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