2018 Hubert Meyer Alsace Grand Cru Winzenberg Riesling

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Alsace has a long and rich history of winemaking, vascillating between German and French influences over the years culminating in a lovely blend of cultures that have mastered the art of creating unique wines with a distinctive sense of place. While there are many producers with a rich history of winemaking in the region, Hubert Meyer is certainly one that has caught our attention. With a family history of winemaking going back to the 17th century, the Meyer family was brought into the modern era by current winemaker Pierre's parents Hubert and Jocelyn. Pierre is the 10th generation of the family to make wine, and he is responsible for developing this beautiful Grand Cru Pinot Gris from Winzenberg. Winzenberg has rich granite soils, which have deep veins of quartz interspersed throughout the region. The stopes are sleep and it is almost impossible for machines to access the vines, requiring meticulous care from individual workers in lieu of using machines and raising the likelihood of excessive erosion and washout. The bottom of the hills tend to be a little bit more clay rich, ideal for growing Pinot Gris which only accounts for about 20% of all plantings in this particular Grand Cru. While there are some areas of Alsace that are ideal for the development of botrytis, Winzenberg is not one of them, thereby resulting in wines of distinct varietal character that very rarely have any influence from noble rot. For a bottle of Grand Cru wine, this is a total steal and if you haven't already been converted to Pinot Gris from Alsace this bottle may very well do the trick. Served chilled, it's still fresh enough to combat the ever- prevalent humidity that we are graced with in Houston, but has enough weight and ripeness to it to pair with seafood (the winemaker recommends scallops!).

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