Liquid Farm Radian Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018

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Pinot Noir is delicious, and an almost universally finicky grape to grow and cultivate. This means that while there is a lot of outstanding Pinot Noir, there is also a lot of bad Pinot Noir and dang it! It can be hard to tell the difference just from looking at the bottle! California can be especially difficult, since there are so many producers and so many styles: how do you know if you're getting a restrained, Burgundian style or if you're getting some super ripe, bold, Meiomi-esque Pinot? While the region the wine comes from can give you some information, producer is definitely the most important piece of the puzzle, and for all our friends looking for Burgundian-style Pinot Noir from a domestic producer, Liquid Farms is definitely a producer you're going to want to be drinking. They are relatively new to the wine scene - 2009 was their first vintage - but are already creating beautiful and restrained versions of California Pinot and Chardonnay. They fully confess to enjoying far more old world wine than domestic wine prior to starting their winery. 'In trying to support California wines, we typically didn't finish those bottles as eagerly as the old world wines on our table. That's when we decided to make wine from our own backyard in a style we craved.' Old world- style wine was and is their goal, and they certainly deliver. They do not, however, deliver much in terms of quantity: only 75 cases of each of the Radian Vineyard and Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noirs were produced. The Radian Vineyard is located in the heart of Santa Rita Hills, where the cold nights and consistent maritime influence are ideal for making expressive and balanced Pinot Noir. As a whole, they use very little new oak on their wines (only 15% new on these particular wines) and a small amount of stem inclusion. Tasting notes include Cherry-cola, saltwater taffy, and muddled raspberry, followed by subtle notes of forest floor and warm spices. Graceful yet assertive. The Sanford and Benedict Pinot Noir is made in a similar style, but is slightly more earthy with more sage and underbrush character than the Radian. Either way, these wines are meticulously made with minimal modern-day manipulations with the goal being to respect the grapes and produce balanced wine, and definitely represent more of the style of wine we want to see out of California.

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