Need a special bottle? Want some personalized suggestions? Reach out to our team of Somms at
Need a special bottle? Want some personalized suggestions? Reach out to our team of Somms at

2019 Domaine Des Croix Beaune 1er Cru Pertuisots

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During my recent trip to Burgundy for Grand Jour, an exhaustive exhibition of the freshly bottled wines from the 2020 vintage, I was converted into a believer in the wines of Domaine des Croix. Not only that, but in a tasting of over a hundred Corton Grand Cru red wines, his Corton's were the clear standout. It is a Grand Cru that I admittedly avoid because of the huge variations in quality you can find, but the Croix Corton's are stylish and intensely mineral. They help me believe that great Corton Rouge is possible! These are classically styled, aromatic, and red-fruited Burgundies for those who appreciate wines like those of Jean-Marie Fourrier. The story is that Croix is one of the leading "new" projects in Burgundy, David Croix built a name for himself at Camille Giroud. After starting this estate in 2005, he has risen to a quiet infamy amongst Burgundy lovers, and enjoys immense local respect as a "farmer's farmer". The style is graceful and intensely terroir-driven, with the brooding spices that can be found in wines that show a deft hand with whole clusters. In particular, don't sleep on the Beaune 1er Cru wines. Although not the most famous of the Beaune 1er Cru wines, the Pertuisots is a clear example of why I love the wines. Across the board though, the wines are worth your time, and represent the top tier of Burgundy. For the moment, they have avoided the hype of the secondary market and remain reasonably priced.

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