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In the big business that Provence rosé has become over the past fifteen years or so, it is easy to imagine that all stones have been turned over, that all worthwhile producers are represented in the market, and that every 'new' Côtes de Provence pink out there is in fact just a label created in a boardroom and made with purchased juice'¦In a recent interview, Roselyn Gavoty opined ruefully about Provence rosé's descent into rank commercialism in recent years, decrying its relegation to the status of a 'boisson' ('drink') gulped down mindlessly by hordes of 'consommateurs mouton' ('sheep consumers'). Whereas much currently trendy Provence rosé gets by on being light enough in color and innocuous enough in flavor, Gavoty's are first and foremost wines'”refreshing in spirit as befits the appellation, to be sure, but resonant and thought-provoking as well, with notably gorgeous textures. In fact, Roselyn considers texture to be the most important element in great Côtes de Provence rosé, and her wines uniformly hit bullseyes in that department. A lot of rosés dash quickly down the throat, sprinkling a few candied red fruits along the way; Gavoty's caress the palate, with rich but nimble fruit fused to an underlying salinity, and finishes that blossom and linger. 

Bernard Gavoty, in his articles for Le Figaro, often wrote under the curious Anglophone pseudonym Clarendon, and this cuvée'”produced from the domaine's oldest Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan vines (dating back to the early 1960s)'”honors his memory. Like the 'Grand Classique' above, 'Clarendon' combines a touch of saignée with the juice from the first pressing, striking a wonderful balance between vinosity and brisk drinkability. Both nose and palate are multilayered and beguiling, and although the fruit is brightly kinetic, there is a sense of regal richness to this cuvée that has nothing to do with weight. So remarkable is this wine's overall balance and complexity that we have elected to work with the 2019 to start, rather than rushing into the 2020. 'Clarendon' sits easily alongside the Bandol from Château Pradeaux or the Palette from Château Simone as a rosé that is more than flattered by a bit of bottle age. 

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