Need a special bottle? Want some personalized suggestions? Reach out to our team of Somms at
Need a special bottle? Want some personalized suggestions? Reach out to our team of Somms at

2020 Maturana Wines "Parellon" Semillon

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Chilean wine is undergoing a youthful renaissance that is a joy to behold. Even as early as ten years ago, Chilean wines were driven almost entirely by inexpensive retail exports for grocery stores. What was there to know except that Reserva wines were $10.99 on the shelf and Gran Reserva meant it would be $15.99. Today, the best wines in Chile hardly make it to the USA. So we pay attention when they do. There is a resurgence in youthful talent that has travelled to make wine in classic regions outside of Chile, and has returned to focus on new ideas. Many new wineries are focusing on old vine plantings of unique varieties that aren't focused on outside of Chile. For example, there has been a new focus on the Pais grape, and it has taken a hold of both the sommelier and natural wine community. I've had some outstanding coastal, cooler climate styles of Syrah and Pinot Noir that even taste like great Burgundy and Rhone wines. These however were a first. After the terrible earthquake that devastated Chile in 2010, José Ignacio Maturana and his brother Sebastián started Maturana. Since, it has become one of the most awarded boutique wineries in Chile. I've read about it for a few years, now but only recently did it first arrive to Texas. The two wines below are extraordinarily well-priced, and are excellent, unique examples of their style. Both are skin-contact, low intervention wines that only see some sulfur addition at bottling, but they remain clean with pure aromatics. These are full-bodied, rich orange wines that are a great pairing for this more crisp fall weather that calls for more thickly textured whites. These would also be lovely wines for Thanksgiving as the tannic grip provided by the skins works very well white white meat main dishes.

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