2020 Peter Lauer "Fass 8 Kupp" Mosel Riesling Kabinett

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In rare vintages, Lauer makes Pradikat wines in the classic Mosel tradition. At 8% abv with generous sugar, this will be the most recognizably “Mosel” of all the Grosse Lagen wines. It balances austere minerality and tart fruit with perfumed grace, perhaps the rarest wine in this release at an extremely approachable price point.


In the past I’ve enjoyed Peter Lauer’s wines like a good art house flick. It’s clear I’m tasting the work of a master, but the experience is frankly challenging and confusing.

There are some common themes: Lauer is based in Ayle, one of the three highest altitude towns on the Saar River, itself a tributary of the Mosel. The mesoclimate is cool in an already marginal area, giving nervy acidity and particularly delicate floral character to the wines. Sweetness ranges from bone dry to lusciously sweet but, in contrast to his neighbor Egon Muller, Lauer’s focus is on dry tasting wines. While most of his wines are above the legal limits for Trocken, he argues they still taste dry due to electric acidity and the salty terroir of Ayle. Like his VDP colleagues, Lauer positions his wines in a Burgundy-modelled hierarchy. Across his range wines are named by village, vineyard, sugar level, and barrel (fass) number. While this is all designed to educate the consumer, I find the sum of these naming conventions perplexing. So without further ado, I present the AOC reader’s guide to one of Germany's most thrilling, rare, and brain-breakingly complicated producers. We’re Saar-ey it’s not any simpler but that’s German wine for ya. -WP

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