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2021 Chateau Le Puy "Marie Cecile" Bordeaux Blanc

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You've all had plenty of white Bordeaux before, but you've probably never had one quite like Château Le Puy's Marie-Cécile Bordeaux Blanc. Made from 100% Sémillon without the addition of any sulfur, this wine tastes like no other from Bordeaux. However, don't let the lack of sulfur scare you- these wines are pure expressions of what Bordeaux can truly taste like. The secret to Château Le Puy's success is their utmost dedication to making the purest expression of wines possible. The estate has been making wine since 1610 high on the Coteau de Merveilles, otherwise known as the "Hill of Wonders," and it shares the same clay, silex, and limestone stones as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. The location was so named because the wines produced from these vineyards were considered to be some of the best in the Right Bank, and historically many larger, more famous estates often used a generous addition of Le Puy's wines to add finesse to their own bottlings. In all the centuries of continuous operation chemical pesticides have never been used on the property, and Le Puy was one of the first estates to bring biodynamics to Bordeaux. While many "natural" leaning wines are produced to be drunk young, Le Puy's can age for decades. The estate even has a library of vintages dating back to 1917 that are still drinking well today. 

The estate is most known for their Merlot based reds, but the unicorn level rare rosé and blanc are absolute treasures worth seeking out. The Marie-Cécile Blanc is named after one of the prominent women in the family and is meant to be the archetype of a minimal intervention white wine. Composed of 100% Sémillon, the wine is matured in old oak barrels with a special form of bâttonage the estate created called dynamisation, which the estate credits as the secret to the longevity of their wines. Full bodied and textured, the wine exudes rich notes of pear, preserved lemon, honeysuckle, with a touch of savory umami character.  Outstanding on its own, this is your BYO bottle for sushi night or to pair with a large charcuterie spread. Production is incredibly limited to just four measly barrels, so blink and you'll miss it. - KR

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