Need a special bottle? Want some personalized suggestions? Reach out to our team of Somms at
Need a special bottle? Want some personalized suggestions? Reach out to our team of Somms at

2015 Hoopes Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon

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For Hoopes, winemaking is truly a family affair and a love letter to the beauty and splendor of Napa Valley. The family bought land in Napa decades before it really took off and have owned their prime vineyards in Oakville since 1981. Current proprietor, Lindsay Hoopes, grew up in the vineyards working with her father, Spencer Hoopes, so winemaking runs in her blood. Best said themselves “We grow our grapes and we make our own wine. We steward the land because it is our legacy. Our wine tells our family story, and the story of all who help us craft the perfect bottle.” Even the family's dog, Dante, makes an appearance as the mascot on each bottle's label. While Lindsay is not the winemaker (that job belongs to the stellar Anne Vawter), she has her boots on the ground everyday working with her team, and she has brought new energy to the her family's historic vineyards. She came back to winemaking after traveling the world and also working for years as a lawyer in San Francisco, and with her return she brought regenerative and bio-diverse farming practices and also founded an animal sanctuary and garden on the property. Lindsay has said about her estate and wines "Our wine has a sense of place and also a sense of adventure," and that is reflected in all that they do.

Hoopes is most known for their red wines, and the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both benchmark examples of California terroir, and at prices you will rarely find for his quality fruit. Hoopes is able to price their wines far below others because they have owned the land for so long. While they could jack up the prices to be in line with other Cabs and Merlots the multi-hundred dollar range, Hoopes prefers to keep their wines affordable to ensure all wine loves can experience the greatest terroirs in Napa Valley.

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