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2018 Movia "Ambre" Sivi Goriska Brda (Slovenia) Pinot Grigio

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A wild, but classic orange wine from a living legend for the style. A touch of tannins and lots of refreshing acidity, dandelion flowers, honeyed and raisiny, with a very long finish. Off the beaten path for a Pinot Grigio, untamed but civilised

Amongst orange wine enthusiasts, Movia is the third in the trio of benchmark producers critically and professionally revered for their consistency and excellence in this ancient style. For those unfamiliar, the white wines below are all produced with the same skin contact and maceration that a red wine would receive. The result is intensely copper-colored wines with dense, savory, and exotic flavors that are accompanied by the additional textural tannins that skin contact would offer in all red wines. They're intellectually stimulating styles and extremely versatile at the dinner table with poultry and richer dishes that would normally call for heavy white wines.

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